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Zinder Anesthesia, LLC - the leading provider of anesthesia services to ambulatory surgery centers.

About Us

Zinder Anesthesia consists of a highly experienced staff of practitioners including board certified MD Anesthesiologists and board certified Nurse Anesthetists. Our customer service oriented philosophy emphasizes the needs of both the surgeon and the patient. As an added benefit, we independently bill insurance companies and carry our own liability insurance.

*The Zinder Anesthesia Team:

Matthew Zinder, CRNA

Robin Mattheiss, CRNA

Ken McDonald, CRNA 

Dino Kattato, CRNA 

Angela Moats, CRNA

Sarah Brown, CRNA

Jennifer Christiansen, CRNA

Ann Parra, CRNA

Diane Dy, CRNA

Caroline Eller, CRNA

Bob Wagner, CRNA

Chris Hilton, CRNA

Jennifer Kunzelman, CRNA

Vanessa Kelkar, CRNA

Tracy Patten, CRNA

David Santamore, MD 

Maria Escalera, MD

Roman Katznelson, MD

Ed Arrison, MD

Garry Jennings, MD

*All anesthesia providers that work with Zinder Anesthesia, LLC are independent contractors.

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